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Expert Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance in Central Florida

After a Project’s completion, our staff of highly trained technicians is able to provide Scheduled Maintenances and Service to make sure the newly installed mechanical system operates as efficiently and effectively as possible. All of our work is backed by a One Year Labor Warranty and we are State of Florida Certified to sell Manufacturer’s Extended Equipment Warranties. We have found that our clients take comfort in knowing that the same firm that installed the mechanical system will also provide the service & maintenance required to allow it to operate efficiently for years to come.

Schwenn Services is able to provide services to any client. We always service what we sell whether it is commercial, residential, or industrial. We use only high quality MERV-8 pleated filters and the highest quality belts available. Our thorough inspections reduce downtime, save our customers unnecessary service calls, keeps their mechanical equipment operating at peak performance and extends its useful life. All of our technicians are EPA certified and are kept up to date on the newest standards and technological developments through continual education and training. We currently provide HVAC services to several sensitive clients where professionalism and trustworthiness is paramount, and clients with critical mechanical systems that have zero tolerance for downtime.

These clients include:
  • Banks
  • Women’s Medical Facilities
  • Defense Contractors
  • Federal Buildings
  • Property Management Companies
  • Movie Theaters
  • Restaurants

For the Service & Maintenance Department please contact:

Mike St. Laurent
Office: 407.895.7550
Cell: 321.689.8520
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Schwenn Services is fully licensed, bonded and insured Orlando air conditioning Installation Company offering reliable AC service in Florida for over 25 years. Our customer’s satisfaction always comes first, and reliable, quality service is guaranteed.

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Precision Tune-Up Includes: Air Handler
  1. Inspect / tighten all electrical connections
  2. Compare capacitor MFD against manufacturer specs
  3. Evaluate evaporator coil and air handler cabinet
  4. Measure and record amperage readings of blower motor
  5. Check blower wheel for build up and proper balance
  6. Inspect drain pan and treat with antibacterial pan treatment
  7. Clear condensate drain with shop vacuum or nitrogen
  8. Verify thermostat mounting, operation, and accuracy
  9. Inspect heat strip components and safeties
  10. Measure and record amperage from electric heat strip
  11. Confirm float switch operation
  12. Wash or replace air filter (provided by customer)
  13. Take temperature spilt to help  system efficiency
  1. Measure and record amperage of condenser fan motor
  2. Lubricate motor and visually check condenser fan blade for damage
  3. Check refrigerant pressures and verify proper heat exchange
  4. Compare compressor amperage readings with manufacturers specs
  5. Take MFD readings on capacitors and compare with manufacturers specs
  6. Inspect all electrical components for damage (Contactors, defrost boards, etc)
  7. Check all valves, caps, and cores for refrigerant leaks
  8. Visually inspect condenser coil and clean if necessary
  9. Clean equipment exteriors and remove debris (leaves, dirt, etc)
  10. Take superheat and sub-cooling readings to verify charge is correct
Heat Pump (If applicable)
  1. Inspect reversing valve, coil, and defrost board
  2. Verify operation and test defrost cycle
  3. Confirm operation of crank case heater

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